Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pure Love, F(X)

So, K-pop is old, common news now, and had been since long before Psy hopped on his imaginary horse. But, it was never my specialty--I could have named dozens of J-pop stars a couple years ago, though!--so I decided, a few months back, to Youtube my way through what Korean pop I could find. This girl group was far and away the best (they could take Girls Generation any day, but I understand if a mud wrestle tournament is the only way to be sure of this). I know I'm late to the party, and I|'m even late making this post, as they've been on my rotation for some time now. But, why not share it with the people out there who actually don't know them yet? Familiarize yourself with F(X).

"Hot Summer"

Just a "holy shit" kind of pop song. Like, seriously, that baseline means business. The bridge is magic, the chorus is gold. They even vocalize the sound of what I can only imagine is a hot summer being temporarily relieved by a swift, sexy cool breeze (0:12 and onwards). Even listening to this in Canada, in January, I feel pretty psyched about life. You will too.


Busier than "Hot Summer," "NU ABO" makes that busy-ness work, utilizing the vocal and persona-specific strengths of every girl in the group, paired with the anonymous cheering of a phantom audience. The group's eerie/sassy chanting of "na na na na na na, na na-na na na na" (and so on) is alternately cute and somehow intimidating. While I don't quite love it as much as "Hot Summer," this one is a perfect example of how beautifully multiple vocals can complement one another, and a reminder that we need more pop vocal groups here in the West.


I don't know what it means to do something "chu," but I feel like I should probably figure that out, and soon. It sounds so much funner than doing things the regular way.

"Electric Shock"

Not sure what to say about this one. There's just some kind of kinetic spell that weaves over me when I hear it; not unlike the rest of the entries on this list. I always thought Korean was one of the greatest languages in terms of ability to sound angry, and here they bend that anger and insistence into a sweet-yet-unwavering demand. To do what, I couldn't tell you. But I'll do it. I mean, sure.

Bonus! "Beautiful Stranger"
Amber <3

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